Wrist-To-Floor Measurement


All human beings share the same skeletal, muscle, tendon, and joint functions and from a mechanical standpoint are the same regardless of height or sex.  Non-mechanical differences arise in custom fitting however, for instance: the height of a bicycle seat needs to be greater for a taller person than a shorter person although the mechanical design of the bicycle remains the same. By the same token there is only one true fitting variable in the building of golf clubs and that is club length.  Based upon your wrist-to-floor measurement we adjust your club length to correspond to the lie angles of our club-heads in order to ensure a proper fitting.


Taking your measurement:


1. The wrist-to-floor measurement should be taken while standing on a hard surface.

2. Wear jogging/gym shoes or street shoes (not golf shoes).

3. Stand at strict military attention with your shoulders back, feet together, and your arms rigid and straight down at your sides.

4. Measure from your left wrist joint to the floor.

5. If possible have someone else take this measurement for you to ensure accuracy as you will tend to lean to one side or the other when taking it yourself.

How does the Wrist-to-Floor measurement work?


It is based upon trigonometry. At the point of ball impact in the downswing your wrist, ground, and club-head form a right triangle. Assuming an ideal swing posture, there is a non-linear mathematical relationship between your wrist-to-floor measurement while standing at attention and your wrist-to-ground distance at ball impact.


The club-head lie angles are known for the irons and fairway woods as well as the length of one side of the right triangle based upon your mathematically factored wrist-to-ground distance at impact. This gives us the measurement of two angles and the length of one side. We then use trigonometry to solve for the hypotenuse or club length. This is somewhat oversimplified as we factor in shaft deflection and numerous other factors. The fitting formula that we developed produces the ideal golf club length for anyone regardless of height, arm length, etc. 


Shaft Optimization Process


We only offer our proprietary NOVA graphite shafts in our golf clubs.  The design of our golf shafts in combination with our proprietary Shaft Optimization Process produces a perfectly balanced golf club (all other brands use stock shafts with no balance criteria whatsoever). Once this perfect balance is achieved the concept of shaft flex disappears and the golf club will perform at its peak performance level regardless of swing speed or strength. You can liken it to a precisely balanced bull whip where there is a perfect transfer of power along its length from the butt to the tip regardless of the strength of the person using it. Our golf clubs are played by golfers with extremely high swing speeds and played by 70 year old senior golfers with very low swing speeds. In each case the golfer will realize their optimum trajectory, distance and control/accuracy.  The results of our studies and testing have shown that our shafting method produces the highest level of performance for any golfer. 


Due to the precise balancing of club-head and shaft resulting from our Shaft Optimization Process our irons produce much less of the vibration and shock normally associated with steel shafted golf clubs. 




We only install 1/8” oversize grips on our golf clubs.  We have found through our testing that this type of grip produces a much greater degree of surface to skin contact than standard grips which allows for a greater transfer of swing force and a much higher degree of control and accuracy. 


Quality Control


All of our golf equipment goes through a twelve point quality control inspection process before being shipped to the customer.  This is unlike all of the other brands who mass produce their golf clubs through factory assembly lines in China by unskilled Chinese workers with very little quality control inspection whatsoever.  Our golf clubs are custom built by highly skilled club-making professionals who constantly check and double check the dynamic and custom fitting specifications for each individual order and we keep these specifications on file forever.

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