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After hundreds of requests from golfers worldwide who prefer the sweeping swing of hybrid clubs to traditional irons, we partnered with the golf club designers at One Iron Golf to combine the playability of a hybrid wood with the inherent accuracy of an iron. The result of our collaboration produced the industry's first true hybrid iron set.

Our NOVA Single-Length Hybrid Irons and GRIA Single-Length Hybrid Woods are as easy to play as any hybrids on the market and their precision gives you the ability to aim at the pin on your approach shots.

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Nova Single Length Hybrid Irons

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Playability of NOVA Single Length Hybrid Irons

Although hybrid woods are typically the easiest-to-play clubs in a player's bag they incorporate the single flaw of all wood-type clubs:  bulge and roll built into the club face. For those not familiar with these terms, they relate to the curvature of the club face from toe to heel and sole to top line. The presence of bulge and roll on a club face makes it impossible to attain any level of distance or accuracy control that you would normally associate with iron play.  With a hybrid wood, you aim for the width and depth of a green whereas with an iron you aim at the pin. 

The big distinction is that NOVA Single-Length Hybrid Irons are just that – irons, which means you not only enjoy the playability and added distance of a hybrid wood but also the precise distance control and unparalleled accuracy of an iron. 

NOVA Single-Length Hybrid Irons are without a doubt the easiest to play, most consistent, and most accurate hybrids on the market today.

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