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Just love these clubs. I'm 70 years old and I hit the ball much straighter and easer off of tite lie's. Par Dar

Individual NOVA Hybrid Irons
Terry A. (Airdrie, CA)
Hybrid 7,8,9&PW

Have played 5 rounds with my new hybrid irons and am very happy with them…hitting them better than my old irons…looking forward to the rest of the season.

NOVA Hybrid Utility Wedge 54º

Haven’t used them yet

NOVA Hybrid Utility Wedge 54º
brian c. (Brisbane, AU)

still not here

Individual NOVA Hybrid Irons
Paul L. (Georgetown, US)
Great clubs

Outstanding irons with great feel, look and weight. First time on the course I hit several great shots. The equal length shafts make a big difference in a more consistent stance and swing. Also a great value for the price
Paul L
Georgetown SC

I love my new clubs

There got here sooner than I thought n hit them great right from the start

Individual NOVA Hybrid Irons
Paul L. (Georgetown, US)
Outstanding clubs

Purchased individual clubs (#5 & #6) irons and I’m thrilled with the quality, feel and weight. Will be buying more to complete my needs. 5-Stars for sure

NOVA Hybrid Irons #4 through PW (7 irons)
Robert C. (San Antonio, US)

I am getting more distance & straighter shots off the fairway. Glad I bought these babies.

early review

So far i like the feel of the clubs. but I am still having some problems hitting well on the course, also my distance is down from my previous set


I like them. A little different. Took time to get used to. Different sound and feel. But very happy

New clubs

I took them out to the range first and loved them. On the course I found the same consistency as I did on the range. I'm really stoked for my 5 and 7 woods to arrive. Thanks for renewing my live for the game!!

Gria clubs

We have used them in 3 rounds and we we like them easy to hit and good ball control we are pleased

Nova Hybrid Irons 4 thru PW

The irons arrived timely and look to be excellent quality, still learning these irons both on driving range and golf course. Not sure of my distances with each iron, and if I'm getting roughly same distance as my Cobra F7 irons. Will just take some time.


Little too early yet. Haven’t been to the range yet. Get to be spring. I’ll let you know!!

Used/Demo GRIA Golf Hybrid Woods
Stan W. (Oxnard, US)
Good clubs

I now have Gria hybrid irons and hybrid woods. Love 'em.

NOVA Hybrid Irons #4 through PW (7 irons)
Vito R. (Moreno Valley, US)

Still getting used to the clubs, but I really like them! I think they will work out good for me. Thank you and God bless!

Game changer

From day one I have hit longer and straighter golf shots. I wish I had bought these clubs long before I did. The best investment I have made in golf. Yes I have lowered my handicap by four strokes.

NEW GRIA Golf Hybrid Woods
Michael B. (Carlisle, US)
Fairway woods

Haven’t hit them yet but I like the feel and look of them. Can’t wait for Spring to get here and start playing

Used/Demo GRIA Golf Hybrid Woods
Scott L. (Tacoma, US)
3 and 7 wood

I purchased a demo 3 and 7 wood. They were like new not a mark on them. I liked the demos so much I ordered a 4i and a sand wedge. You can not go wrong great product at a great price.

Individual NOVA Hybrid Irons
Daniel D. (Mount Vernon, US)

Individual NOVA Hybrid Irons #3 through PW

Individual NOVA Hybrid Irons
Richard M. (Bella Vista, US)
6 iron

I am recovering from back surgery (the reason I bought the new club) and have not used it yet and won't until th spring, but it looks great and am anxious to try it. Thanks

Individual NOVA Hybrid Irons
Shay (Saskatoon, CA)


Excellent buy at @$70/club

Individual NOVA Hybrid Irons
Benjamin W.1. (Lake Jackson, US)

I have only played 2rounds with the 7,8,9,and pitching wedge that I purchased, but I am very pleased, I expect a good improvement in my game with the single length clubs, as I feel more comfortable with an erect stance, and set up further away from the ball, and single plain swing, like Moe Norman. I think these irons can help anyone’s game. I already hit my closest to pin shots ever on the 2 hardest par 3 holes on my home course.