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Great clubs !

Good hitting clubs ! There a little shorter on distance but very accurate ! Love them !!

NOVA Hybrid Utility Wedge 54º
Jim (Murrysville, US)
NOVA Hybrid Utility Wedge 54

Great Club. Straight , good flight. It is every thing you could ask for at a very fair price . Backed up by great people.

High flight sits soft.

I lost five yards with every club because ball flight is so much higher and they stick even on hard greens. Only purchased up to 5 iron probably have to order 4 iron to off sit the loss in distance. Great clubs.

NOVA Hybrid Utility Wedge 54º
Jeff W. (Grand Rapids, US)

I bought a set of irons and loved em, so ordered the 3 and 5 woods and the 54 degree wedge to make a full set. They are all so forgiving and fly high after jumping off the head. My back doesn’t hurt so much because I don’t have to swing so hard! Best purchase I’ve made in a long time!!👍

Nova hybrid irons

Received my irons and couldn't wait to try them out. I have used the irons everyday since I got them. I've been going to the driving range or golf course every day. At the end of the first week, I was completely disappointed. I thought to myself I've been had again. After using the clubs everyday for a week, I thought to myself, something is wrong and I knew it had to be me. I made some changes in ball positioning and swing then it was like someone else was hitting my ball for me. They are unbelievably straight and I have picked up at the least 30 yards. In my opinion they are a great set of clubs at a fair price and backed up by great people. I am completely satisfied and may order a few more clubs.
Ron has been a great person, you will never find anyone better to deal with.
Thanks for everything Ron.

Have not used clubs yet

NOVA Hybrid Irons #5 through PW (6 irons)
Gary G. (New Port Richey, US)

I been sick only playing once I hit them good can't wait to get back

Common Sense Golf Clubs

I’m still getting used to them but really like them to date. Just need practice.

Great clubs, very happy with purchase.

Due to a hip injury I switched from standard irons to single length hybrids. They worked fine with my limited swing for a few years. I tried the Nova hybrid irons at a local demo day and decided to try a set. I've played 6 rounds with these and they have exceeded my expectations. I have better distance and location control. Clubs were shipped as promised and arrived a few days early. It said Demo clubs, but these look brand new. I'm very happy with these clubs and I strongly recommend them.

Individual NOVA Hybrid Irons
Matthew B. (Halifax, CA)
Enough of the hybrids

Great club ..forget about the hybrids...don't need them any more

Individual NOVA Hybrid Irons
Peter A. (Sydney, AU)
Re clubs from Gria

I replaced my ping 7 iron for a gria 7 iron & very impressed & at this stage very happy

Excellent irons as promised

I read about the Gria irons and . I phoned Ron and left a message. He called me back almost immediately. We spoke and I purchased a set of demo irons. I receive them at noon a few days later and went golfing at 4 PM. Never hit a better ball. The odd shot was terrible because I am not used to them but they seem to be everything the company and Ron promised. Very happy customer. I encourage you to give Ron a call. Great guy. I live in Canada and love the clubs EH!!!!!!

Great clubs

I have not used them on the course yet but the driving range showed me that even miss hits were more straight than my current woods. Now if you could just come up with a driver. So far I have taken 10 strokes from my game with my full set of gria clubs.

Nice set of clubs

After purchasing a demo set of the Nova hybrid irons and a new "sand wedge", I took them to the range to check my distances with them. I like the one length clubs, but it took a little getting used to on the short irons. That said, the accuracy is spot on and the distance was very similar to my old set of irons. I do loose distance on the mid irons, but between the wedge and 5I I have a distance spread of 90 to 150 yards with each club giving me a 10 yard gap. Very pleased.

Individual NOVA Hybrid Irons
William L. (Temecula, US)
Easy to hit

Very easy to get used to the uniform length. They feel true.

NOVA Hybrid Irons #3 through PW (8 irons)
Tom J. (Missouri City, US)

NOVA Hybrid Irons #3 through PW (8 irons)

Wonderful service !!

Very responsive to my needs and great service ! I am extremely pleased

NEW GRIA Golf Hybrid Woods
Ron D. (Danville, US)

Excellent clubs


Just love these clubs. I'm 70 years old and I hit the ball much straighter and easer off of tite lie's. Par Dar

Individual NOVA Hybrid Irons
Terry A. (Airdrie, CA)
Hybrid 7,8,9&PW

Have played 5 rounds with my new hybrid irons and am very happy with them…hitting them better than my old irons…looking forward to the rest of the season.

NOVA Hybrid Utility Wedge 54º

Haven’t used them yet

NOVA Hybrid Utility Wedge 54º
brian c. (Brisbane, AU)

still not here

Individual NOVA Hybrid Irons
Paul L. (Georgetown, US)
Great clubs

Outstanding irons with great feel, look and weight. First time on the course I hit several great shots. The equal length shafts make a big difference in a more consistent stance and swing. Also a great value for the price
Paul L
Georgetown SC

I love my new clubs

There got here sooner than I thought n hit them great right from the start