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Individual NOVA Hybrid Irons
Douglas M. (Lake Hopatcong, US)

Great service Thank you

Not sure if I like these

The clubs look and feel great. However the ball does not have the distance of My old Callaway Hawkeyes. I could reach 150 yards with my old 8 iron and now I need to use the 6. Maybe there is a learning curve. When I make good contact the ball flies nice and High and straight wit a slight draw. NOt convinced I made tghe right move yet.

Hi! Thanks for your review. Please make sure you are comparing loft angles between your new clubs and the set you used to use as there is no standard loft angles in the numbering system for irons or woods - that could be the difference right there. You shouldn't lose distance, there is a bit of a learning curve adjusting to single-length, but once it snaps your shots will be straight, accurate, and the distance you expect! Please reach out if you need any pointers!

High handicap golfers

My wife and I are high handicap golfers that are spending more time playing golf and trying to enjoy golf more with improved shot making.
Our iron play after a week of daily play shows that we have less shot dispersion. We are also seeing better results with achieving appropriate loft and shots holding the greens vs running off the back

Used/Demo NOVA Hybrid Irons #5 through PW (6 irons)

Best hybrid set

Just played my first round with these clubs. After a few holes to find the best ball position I was hitting shots I haven't made in years. No problem adjusting to all clubs being the same lenght

Individual NOVA Hybrid Irons
David L. (Tampa, US)

Does not get distance as my other 4 iron.

Hi! Make sure you are comparing loft angles, there is no standard loft angle of a 4 iron. If the loft angles match, you should be getting the same distance with more accuracy. Thanks for leaving a review!

Nicer than I expected.

Irons appeared to be brand new. I’ve had to add lead tape to them but other than that they’re great



I’ve only played twice with my Gria irons. It is the first time I’ve played with the same length irons and hybrid irons. I was playing with Wilson Staffs. When I hit the Gria iron well it does go further. The feeling is very good and actually a feeling unfamiliar to me. The launch angle seems to be higher. It wasn’t the best weather and conditions when I played with my Gria. It is very nice sticks but I need to be fair to Gria and myself and wait for better weather and time to give a better and honest review. Thanks for your input and prompt service.


Individual NOVA Hybrid Irons
John H. (Charlotte, US)
Best Irons

Had to order a replacement 3 and 4 iron, someone ran my bag over at a course and these two broke.

I’m a 4HC and have been mostly playing single length irons for the past 7 years or so. Have played almost all the Cobra’s, 1 Iron, Edel, Giga, and others. None are as easy to play as the Gria’s. I shortened all of mine to 36.5”, added lead tape to the cavity to bring them up to D2 weighting and they are perfect (a lot of lead tape to be honest, but it's a big cavity so it all fit nicely). Nice easy swing yields a high trajectory and repeatable distance. Sure, I can’t fade or draw them as well as well as I could the blade style I used to play…but, I basically don’t miss with these at all. The 3,4, and 5 iron are so easy to hit it isn’t fair. I carry my driver, 3-P Gria’s, a 54 PXG wedge, and my putter. These irons make golf easier, I don’t let my ego determine which clubs to play, I let my low scores make that decision!

Great transition

Excellent. 1 iron golf single length player. Have had cobra one length hybrids and this is easy to hit and long. Accurate as well. Thank you.

Nice clubs

Their nice clubs I’ve played 2 rounds with them trying to get use to the sweeping style of swing I’ve been a drive down on the ball for years but when I hit it good and flush it’s doing what I want it to nice high flight with a soft landing. Looking forward to my next round

Great clubs

bought 4-pw used/demo, like brand new. I really like the grips they seem thicker. Easiest irons to hit. Even some fat shots still got up. Ball takes off like a rocket. I’m 61 just getting back in to golf so still at the range and taking lessons. I’ve only used these 2 times so far but I hit the 4 iron so easy about 150 yards. Hopefully I’ll get better. Ended up getting the 3 iron in a separate order and even that’s easy to hit compared to my regular irons.
Shipping was ok, less than a week since order. Spoke to the owner Ron and he seems like a stand up guy. I still need fareway woods but will shall see. Almost forgot, my golf pro hit ‘‘em and he said they are nice!!

New Nova Clubs

Only used for two games, so net yet ready to make any decisions on performance just yet, but they seem to be good.

GRIA Golf Hybrid Woods
Mark B. (Allentown, US)

GRIA Golf Hybrid Woods

Excellent Demo Hybrid Irons

I really like my demo NOVA Hybrid irons. As promised, the used irons arrived in great shape, like new. I have only played 9 with them. But, I believe I hit them further and straighter than my old irons. I look forward to hitting better and better shots as I continue to play with them. Thank you. TG

Taking longer to get used to shaft length and seem lighter than my Cleveland hybrids. Like grips and shafts.

Shaft length

Hitting the irons good. Still trying to get used to the same length shafts.

Used/Demo GRIA Golf Hybrid Woods
Anne M. (Collingwood, CA)
Fabulous golf clubs.

I have a full set of the hybrid irons and hybrid woods (3-5-7). My game has improved immensely and my distance has increased by 30 to 40 yards!

Individual NOVA Hybrid Irons
Steven M. (West Des Moines, US)
Hybrid Irons

I’ve been using these for a couple of years and finally have a complete set. Only irons anyone should have in the bag.

So far i like em!

So far i like em!

Individual NOVA Hybrid Irons
Grady S. (Staunton, US)
Needed Help

Needed help with long irons. Now with the 4 iron same length as my 6 iron I’m much better

Very cool

Nova hybrid irons

Clubs were demos but were just like new. This is my second set. I don’t think I will ever play anything else.