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Playing Tips

Playing Tips 

NOVA Single Length Hybrid Irons are designed for single-length play as per the One Iron Golf System. They are identical throughout the set (club length, flex, weight, sole width, offset, bounce angle, etc.) with the only difference being the loft angle of the club face. This ensures maximum ball striking consistency coupled with ease of play (only one swing and ball position to ingrain). 

Try to only brush the ground through impact as opposed to hitting down and taking a divot.  Sweep the ball from the turf as you would with a hybrid wood.

NOVA Single Length Hybrid Irons are designed to be played using a slightly forward ball position (approximately one ball to the left of center stance). This is in contrast to the varying ball positions recommended with conventional irons and woods. Therefore, it will take a few trips to the range in order to acclimate yourself mentally to this single ball position along with using the same swing and address position with every iron.   

Do not sway laterally during the back-swing or during the downswing. Try to keep your shoulders and hips in approximately the same position throughout the swing by imagining that you are swinging while standing in a chest-high barrel. Remember that you are trying to swing the club around your body, not out to the side. Make sure that you do not sway laterally in front of the ball through impact. You should be looking at the back of the ball at the point of impact (stay behind the ball).  

Do not over-swing. A comfortable and controlled swing will produce much better ball striking, distance, and accuracy than trying to overpower the shot. Try to pause momentarily at the top of your back-swing before starting your downswing and do not hit with your arms, but rather, keep them relaxed and just let them go along for the ride. 

Keep your left heel firmly planted on the ground during the entire swing to maximize stability and the transfer of swing force. Lifting your left heel at any time during your back-swing or downswing will cause a dramatic loss of distance and control.

Yours for better golfing, Ron Davis, President, GRIA Golf, Inc.